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The ‘Inherent Oneness in Roundness’ is one of the most perfect doctrines in Buddhism. ‘Yuan Rong’ is the Chinese equivalent to this doctrine. ‘Yuan’ means round; circular and ‘Rong’ means melt; thaw. This equivalence between perfection and circle, or the quality of roundness, is peculiar and distinct to Buddhism philosophical ideologies. In short, ‘roundness’ symbolises ‘oneness’, ‘harmony’, ‘perfection’ and ‘unity’.


Tranquility. Peace. Rejuvenation. These are essential aspects of what a home should offer. It is a space you return to, to reset, relax and recharge.  A home is also a deeply personal space to meditate and contemplate on life’s purposes.


The interior design of ‘oriZENtal’ revolves three architectural philosophies – Oriental Zen Culture, Contemporary Minimalism and Subtle Luxury. The amalgamation and fusion of these concepts give birth to a distinctive Contemporary Zen Culture, which is emanated and apparent throughout the interior design of the house. An array of high-grade materials is used to achieve and attain the design concept. Materials include marble, timber, fabric, leather and stainless steel trims. Through the use of these materials, textures, finishings, layering techniques and lightings ( both natural and artificial ), the designer aims not only to generate, but also to accentuate the Contemporary Zen Culture, and in turn create a calm and undisturbed sanctuary amidst urban space.


Perhaps the most interesting component of the interior design is the incorporation of the ‘Round Doctrine’ and the consistent use of ‘roundness’ throughout the house. Unlike traditional Oriental Zen Culture, which designs are predominantly governed by hard and flat edges, the designer’s new interpretation of the culture introduces circles, adding a playful and peculiar, yet contemporary twist to the entire design of the house. For instance, a traditional circle shaped door ( i.e. moon gate ) is carved out of the marble slab/wall in the living room. Moon gates are highly representative of ancient Chinese architecture and they are mainly built in palaces’ courtyards and Chinese gardens. These moon gates act as pedestrian gateways to new spaces. They represent the full moon rising and therefore is very inviting for people to walk through. The circular shape of the moon gate also represents harmony and cohesion and these values are embedded in the architecture itself.


In addition, a charming round-coffered ceiling is constructed in the foyer. Right under the ceiling hangs two elegant glossy white cabinets, flawlessly finished and outlined with antique bronze metal. These cabinets have smooth and round curves; their shapes representing that of the wings of a crane, as if welcoming the owners back home once they enter the foyer. In the master bedroom, the headboard is made up of multiple straight posts with curved leather upholstery sandwiched between two large grand white metal panels with antique bronze metal finishing. Coupled with the lotus-shaped light trough that circles around the ceiling, this creates a warm and gentle atmosphere for rest.


In conclusion, through the intricate integration of three distinguished architectural styles and the incorporation of ‘Yuan Rong’ found in Buddhism, an invigorating design concept and space is conceived. The design space perfectly encapsulates the essence of Contemporary Zen yet displays a strong distinctive and individual characteristic through the use of circles. This overall creates a unique and never-seen-before space, which exudes tranquility, class, character and luxury.

Benji Li oriZENtal Ultima Logo


作品名稱:圓 融


住宅名稱:天 鑄




建案地點:香港 九龍 何文田


實用尺數:1,363 呎 [ 包括私人升降大廳 ]





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而這三種風格自然融貫的相互影響之下,這種融合和混搭而成的「 現代禪風」。














































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